In the new building next to the HiLASE research center, the Japanese company Rigaku, respectively. Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe sro (RITE), its research and development branch. Rigaku manufactures X-ray machines and has three research and development centers around the world. One in Tokyo, the other in Detroit and the third in Prague, now in Dolní Břežany.

The new administrative technological building was built by the Prague Archbishopric on its grounds next to the castle. This investment can be seen from several perspectives. The motivation for our company to operate in a modern building in a prestigious location. For the village, a new building is significant for its architectural contribution and the presence of another high-tech entity in Dolní Břežany. The Archbishopric of Prague showed on this building the possibilities of connecting the ecclesiastical and scientific world and the synergy effects of the investment for the benefit of all mankind.

The fourth aspect is the regional aspect. New scientific and research centers were established in several villages on the outskirts of Prague. It was associated with a regional group of companies and institutions called STAR. Rigaku is keen to contribute to this development at least in the next ten years.