Ideal conditions for life and career


One foot in the Czech capital, the other in the beautiful countryside of the Vltava banks. Fast connection to the airport and future connection to the Prague metro. STAR offers not only state-of-the-art technology in research centers and top companies, but also first-class services, accommodation, educational institutions, sports and social activities, and, last but not least, a tranquil life.

prof. Tomáš Stopka

doctor and scientist

“I live with my family in Dolní Břežany, in a healthy environment for living with modern schools and a sports ground under a clear sky without smog. In my work I focus on uncovering the secrets of insidious blood diseases and finding their appropriate treatment. I am helped by the background of the European BIOCEV Center, which produces excellent scientific results, without the need for commuting to the capital. “



Region in Pictures

„A region of talented, creative, and highly educated people“