„Scientific research institutions, high-tech companies & start-up ecosystem“

A cluster of science and research institutions


ELI Beamlines laser center

  • A unique laser research project
  • Six research programmes: new laser technology development, X-ray sources, particle acceleration, research of applications in molecular, biomedical and material sciences, physics of plasma and high energy density, exotic physics and theories.
  • An opportunity for the development of a broad range of businesses and research fields
  • A platform for training a new generation of scientists

HiLASE laser center

  • Real-world superlasers
  • Excellent international research teams
  • A reliable partner for high-tech industry
  • A key European technological facility for laser development

The ultimate limits of our lasers are not yet known. The main mission of HiLASE is to research and continually overcome the limits of our current technologies. We would like to become on of the world’s top laser reasearch facilities and be a bridge between the academic world and industrial practice.“ Ing. Tomáš Mocek, PhD (HiLASE director)


  • Top-level science, quality education, cooperation with the sphere of application
  • Support of national and european biotech industry
  • Promotion of and education about biomedical and biotechnological fields
  • Supporting the development of science and research in the Czech Republic

„Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, viruses and infections are all part of the problems the human population is currently facing. In the past, we’ve only been able to describe the processes, not find their cause. Today, we’re able to understand the cause of illness on the molecular level. Thanks to that, we can put forward a solution that can ultimately lead to the required medicine or to determining of the appropriate method of cure, which in the end saves many lives.“ Prof. MUDr. Pavel Martásek, DrSc. (BIOCEV director)

Support for innovative bussiness and start-ups


Central Bohemian Innovation center

  • Coordinator for the Strategies of intelligent specialization / regional strategies for inovation.
  • Creating the tools to support research, development and innovation in the Central Bohemian region.
  • Identifies and initiates the cooperation between academia, science & technology institutions and companies, industrial production, educational institutions and public sector.
  • Involved in technology transfer and internationalization of economic activity of the companies active in the Central Bohemian region.


  • Innovative ecosystem – Our goal is to create an inovative ecosystem – a place where ideas, people, companies and various projects interact.
  • Involved in commercialization od ideas – a high-quality support for our partners during the whole process – from the original idea to finding a strategic investor and finally to commercialization of the final product.
  • An experienced management team with an international networking – experienced in setting up, managing and restructuralizing companies; mentoring and coaching start-ups, as well as small and mid-size companies and corporations; accelerating commercial products.
  • Financing for project realization – experienced in obtaining private as well as public capital to support research and development. Providing the necessary resources for successful project realization.

Innovation and technology transfer center

„To be at the top means to be a step ahead, not limited by technological constraints“

  • Technology transfer and commercialization of the R&D results of your scientists. Establishing contact with bussiness partners.
  • Highly qualified expert services in the area of technology transfer – particularly lasers, optics and diagnostics.
  • Legal and financial aspects of industry cooperation. Intellectual property rights protection.

Support from public institutions


Municipalities of Dolní Břežany, Zlatníky – Hodkovice, Vestec

  • Collective support for the basic and supplementary regional infrastructure – access, public transport, services
  • Cooperation on the regional and national level
  • Collaboration on development projects
  • Collective strategy for regional development through the local action group – support for innovation, bussiness, education and social development
  • Managed zoning plan

Support from the Central Bohemian region administration

  • Close cooperation on the creation of strategic documents – RIS3, Innovation strategy of the Central Bohemian region
  • Coordination of development projects in the areas of basic infrastructure, business development and education
  • Cooperation with SIC and the Central Bohemian region council for competetiveness

Support for regional investment – CzechInvest

  • STAR region investment coordination
  • Cooperation on the promotion of available business space
  • Management of businesses entering the region
  • Assistance in STAR region specialization

Infrastructure for businesses and employees

High-quality basic infrastructure – easy accessibility, public transport, international airport proximity, connection to highway network, quality transport within the region including cycling paths, joint municipal activity aimed at developing high-quality transportation.
Excellent service infrastructure – shops, restaurants, municipal office, hotel including a congress center currently being developed, support for education in the region, programmes for the development of technical and scientific education, leisure infrastructure (parks, nature walks, playgrounds, sports facilities, cycling paths), functioning community life.
Good conditions for business development – available business space, sufficient amount of office space, industrial zone.

Independent & recognized coordinating institution


Highly specialized science and technology region

  • „STAR is open to all high-tech companies – the main specialization being biomedicine, biotechnology, material sciences, optics, laser technologies and related fields“
  • The specialization is closely related to large research infrastructures operation in the region. The aim is to provide for a further development of the region on the basis of intelligent specialization.

There are severeal successful innovative bussinesses already operating in the area.

EXBIO Praha a.s.

EXBIO Praha a.s. produces monoclonal antibodies and other immunological reagents.

VIDIA s.r.o.


Top-Bio, s.r.o.

Top-Bio, s.r.o. specializes in development and production of selected materials and reagents important in a broad range of molecular-genetic methods in various areas of basic and applied research. These are mainly enzymes and other substances necessary for DNA amplification using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Apronex s.r.o.

Apronex s.r.o. is involved in providing complex services in the area of molecular cloning, production of recombinant proteins and preparation of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.

A subsidiary of Rigaku Corporation (Japan) represents a european center of excellence in the development and manufacturing in the area of X-ray optics, X-ray detectors and sources, including the related scientific products for industry and research.

Rigaku parent company is a global leader in the crystalography of small molecules and proteins, X-ray spectrometry and the optics and metrology of semiconductors. Currently employing 1100 people.

We’re negotiating with other high-tech companies wishing to enter the region.

Available space for business development

Contact the STAR Research & Innovation Cluster

Assistance with private and public funding

STAR project are mainly EU financed. Currently, we are setting up cooperation with banking companies as well as private equity funds.